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Bedbugs!! The basics you should know

Bedbugs.  The very name makes our flesh crawl and our arms itch.  Most people know that these critters are tough to get rid of at best.  Having an infestation can be both costly and time consuming. 
How can you protect yourself??
There are many websites that provide in depth information on treatments and prevention but here are the basics you need to know.
1.  Bedbugs are not the result of a dirty home! Do not be embarrased and afraid to mention that you have bedbugs.  Doing so can cause them to spread to other peoples homes unknowingly if they visit you. 
Bedbugs can be picked up from movie theatres, hotels, visiting friends, pets, and many other sources. 
2.  Take precautions when you travel. The best thing to do whenever you or your family travels is to check carried away items like luggage, backpacks, gym bags, hand bags etc.for the small black bugs thoroughly before bringing them back into your home. 
Wash suspect clothing in hot water immediately and dry completely. 
3.  Do not move items from an infected room into other areas of your home.   If you are getting bit by bedbugs in your bedroom one night and you move to the living room couch or another bed before checking your pajamas, hair, etc. you could be taking the pests with you and spreading them! 
Keep pets out of infected areas as well and discourage them from sleeping on beds and couches. 
4.  Get treatments by a professional pest control service.  It may seem like a big expense up front but many home remedies only work short term.  If you do not kill every bug and their eggs just one can repopulate the whole area. If you try to treat the problem yourself and it spreads you may end up having to spend even more money in the end. 
5.  Bedbugs can live a long time without food. Just because you bar people and pets from an infected room doesn't mean you are "starving out" the bedbugs.  They can live almost a year without drinking blood.  Quarentine is important, but not the only step needed to rid yourself of the problem.  

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