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What kind of cleaning schedule is right for you?
Best for busy families with multiple young children and pets, or mature adults who have a hard time keeping up with daily maintenance cleaning.  Keeps your home sanitary and fresh!
Bi-weekly (every other week):
Works well for busy families and working adults who want to keep their home grime free and ready for company!  Prevents buildup of visible soap scum, dust, pet hair, etc. 
Best for individuals with small homes like apartments or condos or for other homeowners who can get to most of the general cleaning of their homes but need help with the more detailed projects like bathroom cleaning, dusting intricate areas, vacuuming furniture, etc.
One time:
Perfect for sprucing up for the holidays, before or after parties, visitors, etc. 
(I appreciate at least a one week notice for one time cleans)
Move in/out clean:
One time cleans are also great for reducing the stress of moving!  I can clean your new home before you move in or make sure you get your security deposit back from wherever you are moving out of!
Rental/ Real Estate Clean:
Are you a landlord or a real estate agent/broker?  Do you need your rental unit or real estate property cleaned before new tenants/ owners move in?  Janet's Clean Homes is here for you!
* I offer additional services such as inside appliance (ovens, refrigerators) and interior cabinetry cleaning at low rates for Move in/out cleans and Rental/Real Estate cleans.  Please call for inquiry! *
Janet's Clean Homes
Time slots are generally 3-5 hours long and fall between the hours of 7:30am and 5pm.  Times can be adjusted to fit your needs.
Most clients prefer to be out enjoying their day or are at work while I am cleaning, but this is not required.  I am accustomed to working around family members and pets. 
It is not possible to give an accurate estimate without first learning more about your home during a consultation.  However,  it may be helpful for you to know that my cleaning rates start at $100 per clean and are competitive with other cleaning services in the area. 

Rates are "per clean" not by the hour. So if your home takes a bit  longer to clean one day you don't have to worry about being "nickel and dimed" by an hourly rate.  Yay!
Still not sure? Call today for your free no-obligation consultation and find out what Janet's Clean Homes personalized house cleaning service can do for you! 

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